Friday, November 4, 2011

Eco Posh Fitteds Final Review

I had high hopes for the one size (OS) Eco Posh fitted diaper by Kangacare. As a refresher on the features of this diaper, see my Out of the Package Review and the First Wear Review. The materials are eco-friendly as the outer is made from cotton with recycled water bottles. The bamboo liner on the outer has double leg gussets to contain "the messiest of messes" on your little one. The inserts are the 6r bamboo soakers. While the diaper is very absorbent, I was not overly impressed with the other features of the diaper. In fact, I would say that I am rather disappointed.

The fit runs a little small. I had the rise on the largest setting with my 5 month old 16 pound baby girl. I don't imagine it would fit well on larger babies. I have also heard that the legs leak on smaller babies too. They are pretty bulky with both inserts in the pocket. I had a hard time finding big enough covers to fit over them.

The material didn't hold up as well as I hoped. We have only owned these diapers for one month with minimal use, maybe worn each one two or three times. The outer pilled up right away. They look like they've been used for a year in heavy rotation. While the fabric hasn't stained, I also haven't used them enough to know if they would. The bamboo inserts have a blend of bamboo that gets very stiff when wet. It creates a hard bump in the front and back, which seems very uncomfortable for my daughter.

I was hoping that this super absorbent diaper would be our answer to the night time diapering question, but I was sorely disappointed. I personally don't think that this fitted diaper is worth the expensive price tag that the manufacturer is demanding. You pay a premium for the recycled materials, but if they don't hold up, it's not worth it.

I just wanted to add that I did contact the manufacturer about my issues with the diaper. They responded within 48 hours which was nice, although their comments were less than helpful. Since the diapers are washed and worn, they don't offer refunds. They also can't replace them with new ones unless these were defective right out of the package. They recommended that I do a few loads of just the Eco Posh diapers on hot wash/cold rinse with hot temp drying in the machine in between each wash. According to them, this will release the pilling on the outer. Unfortunately, I'm not satisfied with the other issues I have with the diaper to try this fix. As a warning to other buyers, prep the diapers completely by themselves (without other diapers or laundry) completely before using them to avoid the immediate pilling that I encountered.

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