Friday, November 4, 2011

Itti Bitti D'Lish SIO Out of the Package Review

Kelly's Closet was running a special on the Itti Bitti D'Lish SIO (snap in one); buy $59 worth of merch and get a free D'Lish in the color of their choosing. I decided that I liked the Bitti Tutto enough that I would just buy 3 of the D'Lish in size large and get the 4th free. They just came in the mail yesterday, so I'm currently prepping them.

Let's go over the features of this diaper:
-snap in one system with a cover and two snap in inserts for quick drying time
-bright colored waterproof minky cover
-suedecloth inner with elastic at the legs and back
-two snap in inserts; one trifold bamboo/cotton and one contoured with bamboo/cotton back and suedecloth front
-sized diaper for the best fit

I got the yellow, green, and orange. Kelly's Closet picked out the blue for me. The colors are bright and cheery, very happy looking. The minky is very soft and the suedecloth "stay dry" inner is nice. Some viscose bamboo cloths are stiff when wet, but these bamboo and cotton blend inserts are soft and flexible.

I have yet to use one on my little one since they're still in the process of being prepped, but stay tuned for my "after use" review. I really like the Bitti Tutto one size, so I am hoping that I like this version of the Itti Bitti as well. My hopes are that the fit is trim but the absorbency is slightly better than the Tutto.

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