Monday, November 7, 2011

WAHM Wares by Norrie's Nappies

A good friend of mine has a home business called Norrie's Nappies. While she isn't fully up and running on Hyena or Etsy, she does take orders through her facebook page. As a gift while I was pregnant with my now 6 month old daughter, she made a couple pocket diapers for me.

Let's review the features:
-sized pocket diaper with snap closure
-large and xlarge sizes for children that outgrow the measurements on typical one size diapers
-solid color PUL outer
-mesh liner
-large pocket at rear for easy stuffing
-elastic at legs and top back to contain messes
-elastic at top front for a stretchy fit around the waist

Originally, they were intended for my older son, who was rapidly outgrowing the Bumgenius one size stash I had been using. I ended up using them on my older daughter for overnight after she potty trained too. At those times, I was using them as pockets with microfiber inserts. They worked pretty well but I wasn't a huge fan of the fit as a pocket diaper. So I sadly put them away for about half a year.

I recently rediscovered them when cleaning out baby E's room. OBV and OCV fitteds are my new cloth diaper loves but I haven't found a true match of a cover. I tried these two pockets as a cover for the fitteds and it works splendidly! Even though little E is really only a medium in most diapers, the bulk of the fitted nestles perfectly into this large "pocket" now made cover. I was able to use the same cover for 4 fitted changes yesterday. No leaks, no wicking, no red marks. It was perfect! I love love love this combo and I can tell I will be reaching for them often.

Don't mind my arm and feet in the first picture. I just wanted to show off the incredible stretch this diaper has.

Thanks again, Debbie, for being so generous and sending me all those neat gifts! Now get a camera so you can really get up and running with your store!

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