Monday, November 14, 2011

OS AIO GroVia First Wear and Follow-up Review

The OS AIO GroVia is a good, mass produced cloth diaper. You can review the features here.

I found the fit to be very trim. I love that the front tabs are so stretchy for a comfortable fit on my daughter. There isn't much bulk between the legs or in the butt area, making it a trim look under clothing. The organic cotton liner and soakers are absorbent enough for a couple hours of wear, but they're not exactly flexible or comfortable feeling to me. The trim fit makes up for the fact that it's a little stiff to wear.

I love the pattern on the cover. It's very cute. I appreciate that the cover is TPU instead of PUL. I also like the side snapping closure, which is easier for husbands and other novice cloth diaper uses. The elastic is firm which makes me confident about its ability to contain messes. I will like using this diaper to take our daughter out of the house.

The snap in booster and sewn in soaker dries fairly quickly in the wash. The soaker is only sewn at the top back so it flaps open, making the drying time quicker than the tradition all around sewn in soaker of usual AIOs. I can tell I will really enjoy this diaper. While my current favorite is a fitted diaper with cover, this style of AIO is a lovely addition to my stash. I would even consider it for permanent placement in my "daddy stash".


  1. They are great in the wash. I just do my normal routine (warm wash/cold rinse with Tide) and then dry in the dryer on medium heat. They do take quite a while to dry, even with the detachable insert.