Friday, November 4, 2011

WAHM Wares by Piddle Poddles

Piddle Poddles diapers are part of a children's line boutique store on Etsy and Hyena. She makes children's clothing, diapers, and trainers. She makes a PUL diaper called the Cadillac which is wildly popular. However, I will be reviewing the fitted organic bamboo velour (OBV) diapers that I've gotten second hand.

Let's review the features:
-fitted diaper with fold down rise and snap closure
-snap in inserts for quicker drying time
-elastic at the legs and back
-cotton knit exterior, OBV inner and inserts

Piddle Poddle fitteds have to be my new favorite diaper. While I don't have experience with a Piddle Poddle new, I do have several used fitteds. The prints are Adorable with a capital A. I don't know how soft the diapers feel new out of the package, but the used ones are very soft. While the OBV print has faded some with washing, it's still clean and cute. The inserts snap in with two snaps to keep them from shifting while on the baby, but snap out easily for washing and quick drying time. They really do dry quickly and can be dried by the machine on a regular heat. You can also keep the inserts attached for washing, but I haven't tried this yet.

These diapers are VERY absorbent. I had my heavy wetting 6 month old daughter in one for 3 hours without a cover and there was no wetness on the exterior. I love these diapers for the fact that she can wear them at home without a cover to let her breathe a little. My favorite is to pair them with some babylegs to keep her legs warm. When paired with a wool cover, this combo lasts a long time. I had to change my daughter for her own comfort (she dislikes feeling wet too long) rather than out of necessity for lack of absorbency. These really are fabulous fitted diapers.

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