Thursday, October 6, 2011

Prepping and first opinion of our Eco Posh fitteds

The first new stash package to arrive was the Eco Posh one size fitted. They each come with two inserts, one contoured and a regular size. They're both bamboo cotton blend. The cover is partly recycled water bottles with cotton and the inner is the bamboo cotton blend with two gussets, snap closure. They were SO plush right out of the "package" (twine and tag). I almost didn't want to wash them!

But alas, I did. I used their recommended detergent, Tide, on the first hot wash/cold rinse. Then I did two more washes of hot wash/cold rinse w/out detergent. I got antsy to try the diaps, so I put one on E after the 3rd wash. The other diaps are still being prepped.

So my little 5 month old baby girl is wearing the color Love. I only put in the contoured 3 layer insert with the fitted cover, making it 6 layers. I unsnapped it all the way to the longest rise because she is a chunky monkey baby with thunder thighs. As the picture shows, it fits her on this setting, although with some of the inner bamboo peaking out of the thigh, I know I probably couldn't let her go without a cover or it'll wick to her clothes.

The wool cover is a size 2. She is at the small size of the range and she definitely has room to grow. It almost looks comically big on her. It came pre-lanolized and the water ran right off it when I tested it out under the sink. However, it's quite scratchy. I am considering giving it a quick wash in Aveeno/lanolin to see if that softens it up a bit.

Well, as this is her first wear and I didn't fully prep them, I'm not going to write about the absorbency just yet. She does seem pretty happy to be back in cloth though! I'm happy too.

[Disclaimer: I was not given any free diapers to write this review.]

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