Friday, November 4, 2011

WAHM Wares by HippieMade

On one of my many Etsy window shopping days, I ordered two all-in-one (AIO) diapers from a work at home mom (WAHM) shop called HippieMade. That was 5 days ago. Tonight, there was a small fluff package on my front door with my two diaps. Holy turn around, Batman!

one size AIO with 3 rows of snaps for adjustable rise
exterior is purely visual - flannel owls on one, cotton elephants on the other
aplix closure with laundry tabs
two inner layers of zorb ii
one inner layer of hemp
liner is cotton velour

First of all, I am in love with the prints, so so cute. Secondly, the velour is amazingly soft. Thirdly, it's an all in one diap so no pockets to stuff. As I was opening the package, C was telling me that he still hasn't really figured out the snaps so when I told him these two were like velcro, he literally yelled "YAY!" Maybe I need to get a few more aplix closure diapers for the snap-challenged.

First, there's some positive post-prep notes. The velour inners are still so soft. The patterns are adorable although the flannel pilled in the washes. The aplix is holding up perfectly and works just as easily for my husband as I had hoped. It's a good fit for my 17+ pound daughter with chunky monkey thighs.

After fully prepping the diapers with 8+ washes, I did a trial run on little E. While the diapers do hold a lot, due to the nature of it being an AIO with a cotton cover, it wicked to the cover big time. Both times she was wearing one, there was wetness throughout the entire cover that got on her clothes. I am slightly disappointed with this, as I was hoping the fact that it had PUL inside the cover should mean it doesn't need a cover. However, with a wool soaker, these diapers work great. Therefore, I'm now treating these "AIO" diapers as fitted diapers. When I evaluate them with that in mind, I give them two thumbs up. As a true AIO diaper, they aren't great.

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