Monday, November 14, 2011

OS AIO GroVia Out of the Package Review

GroVia offers a few different systems of cloth diapers. The line I chose to review was the one size all-in-one GroVia.

Let's review the features:
-one size with snap down rise
-TPU cover, cotton lined, with soaker sewn to the back
-side snap closure
-snap-in booster

Out of the package, the GroVia is really cute and trim-looking. The patterns are adorable and fun. I was surprised to see a snap-in booster in an "all-in-one" diaper, but I understand the functionality of a quicker drying time and adjustable absorbency. I wouldn't describe the organic cotton inner as "plush" per say, but it is soft. I hope with prepping that it will get a little more flexible.

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