Monday, November 14, 2011

Incredibum Out of the Package Review

I bought a new OS Incredibum bamboo AI2 diaper from Amazon.

Let's review the features:
-one size TPU cover with snap down rise and snap closure
-hip snaps to prevent wing drooping
-cover lined with fleece
-two snap-in inserts
-large insert snaps in to front and back
-elastic at the legs and top back

Right out of the package, the Incredibum diaper is very soft. I was surprised that the cover seemed to be lined with microfleece when I expected the whole diaper to be bamboo. It is very soft though and I can see why the manufacturer chose that material. The inserts are very soft bamboo terry. The smaller booster snaps to the front of the big soaker which then attaches to the shell with two snaps on the front and two snaps on the back.

I wonder how this moderately priced diaper will perform. Only time will tell.

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