Friday, November 4, 2011

WAHM Wares by ByGollyGoGreen

Lauren Hummert is a WAHM that makes diapers by the name of ByGollyGoGreen (BGGG). I recently bought the last two fitted diapers in her Etsy shop, Scrappycake. One is mostly cotton flannel, while the other is cotton flannel with cotton velour. The cotton flannel fitted with Robot print outer was considered a "seconds" diaper because the snaps aren't entirely perfect. Lauren was generous enough to give me a refund for the diaper because of the defects. So I will be reviewing the cotton velour animal print fitted.

Let's review the features:
-sized fitted diaper (requires a cover) with snap closure
-snap in inserts for quicker drying time
-mixture of cotton flannel, cotton knit, and cotton velour
-cross over snaps for smaller waisted babies
-elastic in legs and back

Out of the package, the materials are very soft. The cotton velour feels so plush and the cotton knit outer is very soft too. I love that the inserts snap in so that they don't shift while on the baby, but help to create a quicker drying time when being washed. I love love love the animal print on the outer. She lined up the print so that the word "love" was right on the tab. So cute! I also love that she used the same cotton knit print to line the inserts. I know that it's not seen on the baby at all, but it makes it easier to match up the inserts with the outer while sorting through clean diapers. Cute prints make me smile when I'm dealing with cloth diapers.

I chose to let my baby girl go sans cover for this trial. She was in a fleece sleep 'n play. Since the outer was still dry when I was putting her down for a nap, I let her stay without a cover. She slept for an hour, making the wear time a total of 2 hours. When I checked her, the outer was damp but not moist. Her sleep 'n play wasn't wet either. Incidentally, I figured out that some of her fleece sleepers can be used as covers! You can read about that here.

Overall, I'm very happy with this fitted diaper. It's her pattern for a one size but I usually keep the OS diapers on the highest rise for my little girl anyway, so I requested that she leave the rise snaps off, making this a sized fitted. While I found the elastic around the legs to be a little "chunky" (not little ruffles, but big fat ruffles), there was nothing else I disliked about this diaper. I think this will end up being one of the fitteds that I reach for often!

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