Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WAHM Wares by Nana's Bottoms

I ordered three AIOs from a WAHM on Hyena Cart by the name of Nana's Bottoms. I was trying to find an AIO diaper that had hook & loop closure (H&L) so that I could have some diapers in my "Daddy Stash" that my husband, parents, and sitters could use on baby E without much trouble. I figured AIOs and "velcro" would be the perfect choice since they are most like disposables, but I was having a hard time finding a true AIO that didn't wick to the cover. I'm proud to say that I've finally found one!

Nana's Bottoms shop did a custom order of 3 size medium AIOs with PUL outer, H&L closure matching the PUL color, zorb soaker sewn in, and bamboo velour inner. The diapers came to me VERY quickly and were reasonably priced. Out of the package, they were deliciously plush. I seriously dreamed of having a scarf made of the bamboo velour.

I prepped the diapers according to the directions. I washed them on hot once and then on warm another 5 times. I must say that when I used one for the time on my heavy wetting 7 month old, I was slightly disappointed. She wet the entire soaker and it wicked through the stitching of the H&L to the cover. It wasn't enough to get her clothes wet, but I could tell the PUL outer was wet. *Big Sigh* I was hoping I had found THE "Daddy Stash" staple diaper. I still figured they were worth keeping and using despite slight wicking.

Fast forward almost 2 months. These diapers have reached their peak in absorbency after many more washes. The wetness no longer wicks through to the cover. The inner is still deliciously soft on baby's bum. The medium size still has tons of room to grow on the little girl I usually set the rise snaps on the highest setting for. I am extremely happy with this AIO. It's now become my go to diaper for the diaper bag. It's trim, effective, and easy to use. My only complaint, which is a universal one for all AIO diapers, is that the drying time is rather long. That's unavoidable if you want an effective AIO diaper.

While my first impressions of the diaper style wasn't the best, I'm now in love with them! I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for a super easy diaper for daycare, daddy changes, or just simple CD usage. Two thumbs up!

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