Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Waiting on Fluff Mail

Remember when you were a kid waking up on Christmas morning? As a cloth diapering mom, I get that same feeling when I know some fluff mail is going to be delivered that day. It's like waiting for a gift, a toy you've been drooling over. 

I ordered some BG Freetimes, one Fuzzibunz, and a Flip cover. I've had to wait due to an over-order of the freetimes, so this few weeks has seemed to drag on. Hopefully, my new order will be here soon so I can get to reviewing them. In the meantime, check out my other reviews on some major brands and some work-at-home-moms (WAHMs). 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

3SP News and Update Blog

3 Sweet Peas has a new blog for fans. Follow the blog so you'll learn about special coupon codes, sales, giveaways, upcoming stocking dates, and new products.

3SP is coming up on one year of being open for business. To celebrate, they're offering a free product in a giveaway that leads up to the one year anniversary on February 1rst. Go check out the new blog and follow them for deals, news, and updates.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Winter Cover Favorites

With colder temperatures coming around in the last few weeks, I've started putting my daughter in her fleece longies as covers. In general, I feel that fleece is under rated (read about it here) but I still love fleece covers anyway. It's so easy to put her in a fleece pair of pants and long sleeve shirt. I think the prints are super cute too.

Sometimes if we're going on a car trip, I'll put a PUL cover over her diaper and then her fleece pants over top but then ditch the PUL once we get home again. Some people only use fleece for one or two changes but I tend to let her wear them for the whole day. Occasionally if her diaper is soaking wet, I will need to change the longies as well.

I have been using the fleece soakers for nighttime as well. They work great for boosting the absorbency of a 'sposie diaper when travelling. They keep her dry all night with an absorbent fitted as well, especially if her pjs are fleece too.

I have seen some CUTE wool longies around as well. I wish wool didn't give my daughter eczema!

What is your favorite winter cover?

3 month Sustainablebabyish Flat Review

My Sustainablebabyish flats are two diapers in my regular rotation. They are several layers of bamboo double loop terry. You can read my initial review here. After several months of use, they are just as absorbent as ever. However, they have lost some of their softness. They are not hard or crunchy yet, but I imagine they will be after a few more months of use.

I take good care of our diapers, so I was surprised that these stained so easily. I've had to sun them several times in the last few months.

Overall, I'm impressed with its continued absorbency. They would make great inserts for pocket diapers as well. I am definitely not impressed with the durability of the fabric. I loved how soft they were out of the package and would have loved to say they are still that soft. They are pretty expensive too but I imagine you're paying for the large brand name.

3 month Bumkins Prefold Review

Bumkins indian cotton prefolds are some of my favorite diapers. Read my initial review here. They are very reasonably priced. One pack of 6 diapers costs about $28. That's a full day of changes. They are absorbent and easy to care for. You can machine wash on hot and tumble dry on high heat. They dry up really quickly too. If there are stains, lemon juice and direct sun get them out.

I was hesitant to try prefolds but it really is easier than you think it is. I tend to use the basic angel fold with a snappi. I use all kinds of covers over them; fleece, PUL, soakers, and longies. While these aren't absorbent enough to last all night, they do get a good 3 hours on my heavy wetter. I have enjoyed using these prefolds over the last few months. They are still super soft and absorbent. While my daughter has outgrown her large size fitteds, she still fits comfortably in the toddler/premium sized Bumkins. Overall, I give these diapers 5 stars for durability and affordability.

Friday, November 2, 2012

WAHM Wares Norrie's Nappies Mama Cloth

For those that don't know what "mama cloth" means, it's a term for washable feminine pads. While it is not specifically cloth diaper related, the idea is the same. Women use them for a week a month and then wash for the next month. The care is the same as cloth diapers and some women even wash them in a cloth diaper load. While washing pads may seem gross to some, for me, the benefits way outweigh the gross factor. The pads are usually diamond, oval, or contour shaped. The wings wrap around the panty and snap closed.

 I was introduced to mama cloth by Debbie of Norrie's Nappies. She's a friend of mine who has a really nice work-at-home-mom (WAHM) business. She makes pocket diapers and mama cloth. She was nice enough to send me a great stash of mama cloth for my postpartum period for my youngest child. I've since purchased more and have more than 20 pieces in my stash. Her selection of materials is great. The pads can be topped with minky, velour, athletic mesh, or flannel. The body of the pad is usually layers of flannel that trifold to the center. The backing is usually one layer of flannel and one layer of PUL.

These pads are my absolute favorite. The PUL makes it leak proof. I mostly chose athletic mesh on top which wicks away the moisture. Some of my liners have velour or minky which is super soft. Overall, the absorbency is excellent and they wash up super clean too. When I was postpartum with my youngest child, I used the hospital provided pads for the first three days. When I switched to these pads, it was heaven. I healed more quickly and was more comfortable doing it. After 18 months of use, they are still in pristine condition with no fraying, no tears, and no stains. Awesome, right?

Now I don't spend money on pads or tampons every month. Plus, the prints are so cute that it brightens that time of month, which I love. Try mama cloth but try not to get addicted to shopping and buying new prints!  I highly recommend mama cloth to all women, but especially mama cloth from Norrie's Nappies. Thanks, mama!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

3 Sweet Peas PUL and Fleece Cover Review

[Please know that I am a cloth diaper blogger but I own my diaper business, 3 Sweet Peas. This is a biased review of one of my products.]

PUL and fleece covers are a wonderful mix of materials. The PUL offers the liquid barrier of plastic laminated fabric. The fleece trims creates a soft, stretchy fabric against baby's skin. These covers can be laundered with your other cloth diapers. They are mostly stocked in size large for babies who have outgrown one size covers, but can be custom made in any size.

These covers are side snapping and can be used as trainers over potty training underwear. These are my favorite covers for travel as the compression of the car seat can sometimes cause leaks for wool or fleece covers.

3 Sweet Peas Fleece Covers Review

[Please know that I am a cloth diaper blogger but I own my diaper business, 3 Sweet Peas. This is a biased review of one of my products.]

Fleece covers are underrated in the cloth diaper world. Polyester fleece is a liquid repelling synthetic fiber. Similarly to wool covers, fleece covers are breathable alternatives to plastic laminated PUL. Fleece is machine washable and can be tumble dried. They can be washed with normal clothing laundry or with cloth diaper loads. They are not completely waterproof the way PUL is, but they are effective, soft, breathable, and easy to care for. It's a great, cheap alternative to wool.

My daughter is sensitive to lanolin, so we can't use wool covers. It gives her eczema. Fleece covers are my favorite covers for her. I even use fleece soakers over disposables overnight when we're travelling. It helps the 'sposie absorb to it's potential and keeps her pjs dry. When using cloth diapers, we use soakers in warm weather and longies in cool weather.

6 month Glowbug Pocket Review

Glow Bug Pocket Diapers are one of my favorite pocket diapers. You can read my other reviews here and here. While the diaper comes with microfiber inserts, it works well with any inserts you want to use.

For several months, I used BumbleBunz overnight bamboo inserts as our nighttime solution. It was bulky but it worked to keep my heavy wetter dry all night. I then switched to using SBish bamboo fitteds for overnight but continued to use the GlowBug pockets as covers. The PUL is good quality and the largest rise setting still fits on my big girl who now is into XL size diapers.

The microsuede interior pilled slightly, but that is expected. The snaps and elastic held up beautifully. The prints on the outside haven't faded a bit. Overall, the quality is excellent. I highly recommend these diapers for people who love pockets, although I do also recommend switching to bamboo inserts.

Monday, October 15, 2012

6 month Sustainablebabyish Fitted Review

I own several Sustainablebabyish (SBish) snap fitteds. They are some of our favorite diapers. You can read my initial review here for the features and beginning impressions. This review is after 6 months of use.

These SBish bamboo fleece fitted diapers are our overnight diaper of choice. My heavy wetting daughter wets out of disposables at night. With both boosters in the SBish fitted and covered with PUL, she soaks the diaper but stays dry where she's supposed to; her clothes and sheets. Even without the extra booster, these diapers are bulky, which is why I reserve them exclusively for night time.

We have a set of 5 in large. When she outgrew the fold down rise diapers, this large was generous and she used the cross over snap on the wings. Now that she is in XLs for most brands and even outgrown the premium size Bummis prefolds, she still has one snap to go on these larges.

Over time, I have found that the OBF (organic bamboo fleece) has gotten a bit stiff. I am going to try soaking in Ecover to see if that helps soften them up. I wouldn't consider the stiffness to be such an issue that I would stop using them, but it's something to consider when pursuing an overnight solution.

Overall, I still give SBish fitteds a big thumbs up for durability, absorbency, and quality.