Monday, October 31, 2011

WAHM Wares by BumbleBunz

A friend of mine has a work-at-home-mom (WAHM) business out of her home in Canada. Miss Katie Talbot is a very talented seamstress. She makes adorable cloth diapers, among other things, that she sells on Hyena and Etsy. She also does some giveaways through her Facebook fan page. I commissioned her to do a custom order for baby E.

We're trying various cloth diapers at night to see what system works best for us. I hadn't quite figured it out, so Katie helped work something out for us. She made bamboo terry contoured overnight insert sets. She sent them through priority shipping so they got here quickly. Out of the package, they were super soft and so plush, not to mention HUGE. The tiles in my kitchen are 12"x12" in these pictures.

-One large inserts that folds in half
-One small booster that goes between the layers of the folded insert
-Contoured for a smaller fit between the legs
-Bamboo Terry throughout
-4 layers in the  big insert and 3 layers in the booster, for total of 11 layers

I prepped them like I would with any other bamboo diapers with about 7-8 hot washes with cold rinse. There are several ways I'm thinking of using these inserts; stuffed in a pocket, laid in a cover, or laid in a fitted with a wool cover. They were too big to get stuffed into the Eco Posh fitted, but they fit perfectly in the Kawaii Minky microfiber pocket.

We tried that a couple nights ago with great success. I'm not going to lie; it was pretty bulky. I didn't find that to be too bothersome as the insert material is so soft, it didn't seem uncomfortable for E. Since the inserts are contoured, they're thinner between the legs with makes for less bulk in the crotch area. Plus, you can't have trim and super absorbent in one diaper. To get the overnight absorbency needed for my little heavy wetter, I expect that the diaper will be bulky. The bamboo terry wicks the liquid throughout the whole insert rather than gathering in one area, so all the layers were wet from front to back. However, I believe it had even more absorbency left before it would have been totally soaked or leaked.

I'm very pleased with this combination. Even though it seems like a big diaper, it was soft and very absorbent. The stay dry liner of the Kawaii cover kept my little one feeling dry while the big, bamboo inserts absorbed all her wetness over the 12 hours that it was on her. I got three sets so that we could go 2-3 nights between washes. A big double thumbs up to BumbleBunz bamboo terry nighttime insert set!

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