Saturday, October 29, 2011

Itti Bitti Tutto One Size Bamboo Review

You can read my Bitti Tutto Out of the Package Review here, but in case you don't feel like switching pages, here's a review of the features:

-snaps in the front for adjustable rise
-snap closure with inside flap snap for newborns
-minky pattern cover w/ PUL back
-polyester inside liner
-double leg gussets
-"poo fence" gusset at the top back
-three snap-in inserts for adjustable placement and absorbency
-color coded snaps on inserts for easy placement

I fully prepped these diapers with 8 full washes prior to my daughter's first wear. The minky cover, which was a little less than "plush" when they first arrived, really fluffed up after that amount of washings. I will admit that, at first, the sheer number of snaps on this diaper was very intimidating. I am still not sure I even know which is the best arrangement of the inserts for our little girl yet. However, I will say that once I get used to the snaps, I will probably like the color coding much more.

I am surprisingly thrilled with the trim fit of these diapers. Compared to other inserts, these inserts are almost comically narrow and extra long. This means that there's less bulk between the legs for the little one. The rise on the biggest setting is rather short, but since we haven't had a poopy diaper yet, I can't attest to the effectiveness of the "poo fence" or what the short rise does to it's ability to contain the mess.

I love that they used bamboo for the absorbency as well as polyester for the "stay dry" effect. While I didn't find the diaper to be particularly absorbent, the fact that it's so trim more than makes up for that. You can't have both. Either the diaper is absorbent and bulky, or it's trim and absorbent-enough. I had our daughter in the diaper for 2 hours without leaks, but the majority of all three inserts were wet and there was slight wetness around the legs on the minky exterior.

This is a great diaper if you're looking for something that looks like disposables under clothing. It's very trim and allows the baby to move freely. However, the absorbency is not spectacular, so plan to change your little one every hour or two when wearing these diapers. While I wouldn't personally stock my whole stash with these diapers, I would recommend to cloth diapering friends to get a few of these to use with fancy outfits or those times when trimness is desired. I personally am looking forward to using these with our Christmas portraits so that she doesn't have that big badonkadonk fluff butt in our pictures.

I'll be getting a few Itti Bitti SIO (snap-in-ones) in the mail in a few days, so I'm looking forward to reviewing them to see if they still have the trim fit with slightly more absorbency. Stay tuned!

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