Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Out of the package Bitti Tutto review

Thanks to BabySteals, I could afford to get two Bitti Tutto one size bamboo minky diapers (BTOSBM). They just arrived in the mail so I'm prepping them as we speak.

Here's the low down on the BTOSBM:
-snaps in the front for adjustable rise
-snap closure with inside flap snap for newborns
-minky pattern cover w/ PUL back
-polyester inside liner
-double leg gussets
-"poo fence" gusset at the top back
-three snap-in inserts for adjustable placement and absorbency
-color coded snaps on inserts for easy placement

The minky outer is so so cute and colorful, although not quite as plush as the Kawaii brand minky. That may change with washing though. The "poo fence" looks formidable. I like it a lot in theory but we'll see how it holds up in practice.

I've been using snap closure diapers for a month now, which makes me an expert. Obviously. But I have to say, the sheer number of snaps in this diaper is extremely intimidating. Not only do you have the standard one-size rise snaps and closure snaps on the front of the diaper, but you have no less than 4 different colors of snaps on the inside for color coded placement of the inserts. 

See what I mean? Snap crazy. So even after staring at the diaper dumb-founded for ten minutes, I still have no clue how I'm going to snap in the inserts when the time comes. At least the inserts are soft and the layers are numerous.

I have high hopes for this diaper, even though I know it's too much to expect my husband (who is currently lobbying for "velcro" closure diapers) to ever learn how to use them. I do most of the diaper changing anyway, so I'm willing to learn a new system if it's worth the effort. We shall see!

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