Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First night in Eco Posh with wool cover

I'll start by saying, she was dry this morning!

Our little 5 month old is a heavy wetter for sure. I put her in Huggies Overnights in a size too big and she still peed through it in one night. So here's what I did last night:

Eco Posh fitted on the largest setting
Both included 6-r soakers
Wool cover (WAHM on Etsy) size medium

FYI, I kept the same diaper on her for 10 hours. Don't get jealous, she doesn't sleep 10 hours straight (far from it), I just didn't need to change her overnight.

The EP fitted was VERY bulky with both inserts. I was hoping she'd wake up dry this morning with absorbency to spare so that I could go down to one insert. However, while she was dry, both inserts were mostly wet and there was wetness on the cotton cover of the fitted. The EP requires a waterproof cover so that's why I had her in the wool shorties. So while there were wet spots on the EP cover, there was no wetness on E's pjs because of the woolies.

Overall, I'm VERY impressed with the EP fitted and wool cover combo. It was plenty of absorbency for my little heavy wetter even though it looks almost comical how fluffy her little booty was. She didn't have a BM so I can't comment on the usefulness of the double gusset, but hopefully it will be as helpful as I imagine it will.

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  1. Great review. My LO is a heavy wetter too and I have had several people recommend the eco posh to me. Happy Diapering!