Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quick (poo) comment about the Mom Label Bamboo Kawaii

Let me start out by saying, I never expected to be writing a blog about the specifics of a baby's poo and whether or not it came out of something I was then going to be washing in our washing machine. Weak stomach readers beware.

I started trying out the new Kawaii's (minky bamboo Mom Label, specifically) this morning. I had a scientific method about trying them out to gauge absorbency. First I put her in the one that was stuffed w/ two inserts. Next would be two inserts laid in the cover. After that would be one stuffed insert, and then one insert laid in the cover. Of course, my baby decided to throw me a curve ball and had a big poo in the first diap about 20 minutes after I put her in it. She was in the jumperoo and it was the kind of poo that, had she been in a disposable, you know you would be doing poo laundry later.

And color me impressed!! The mom label kept it all in! There was poo up to the elastic on the back but it didn't come out. Yes, I'm very happy with these diaps so far.

And in case you're wondering, we're a dry pail family. Dry pail is recommended by bamboo diap manufacturers. Plus, I'd be lugging a dirty wet pail down two flights of stairs if we were doing a wet pail. Thus, we just use a bin with a snapping lid. My plan with this particular diap is to rinse it out with some water and keep it in a bin next to the washer for when the rest of the diaps are ready for a good clean.

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