Thursday, October 20, 2011

Daddies using diapers

At one time, my husband (C) would have described himself as a nature-loving, tree-hugging hippy. He works as a scientist for an environmental agency. He's very conscious of the materials used in products that our children come into contact with.

When we found out we were pregnant with twins in 2008, we decided against cloth diapering, dissuaded by the cost of a diaper service and the amount of work to wash so many diapers. When the twins turned a year old, we switched over to cloth diapers, going to Bumgenius (BG) as the "easiest" cloth diaper for all involved. It was a great system that he had no trouble learning, although he left the washing and stuffing mostly to me. The velcro on the BGs were very "daddy friendly" and so close to using disposables that sitters and grandparents had no issues with them either. Honestly, I wish I had started cloth diapering them earlier. I had no idea that it was as easy as it was.

Now the twins are potty trained and we have a 5 month old baby girl. I switched over all our microfiber BGs to a mixture of systems, including bamboo fitteds with covers or wool soakers and bamboo pockets. Not only does C not want to wash the diapers, but he has no clue how to so I don't want him to attempt it and do it wrong. He hasn't fought me on this request.

I do request that he changes the occasional diaper though. Our baby girl is coming up on 6 months old, been in cloth for about 4 months. C is still intimidated by the number of snaps on the front of the new diapers. At first, the snaps can seem overwhelming to anyone. Once I gave him a tutorial on how to use them, he is more willing. I hope he's still willing to change her cloth diapers when we get into the gross solid food diaps!

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