Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sometimes, it's just a diaper kind of day

My three year old twins have been potty trained for about 2.5 months. Yes, we had the typical potty regression with a major change (preschool) but mostly they're doing really well. Today, G (my three year old daughter) decided she didn't want to get out of her nighttime diaper. Rather than fight with her on it, I let her stay in her diaper later than normal. When she needed to be changed and didn't want to get into underwear, I put her in one of the KaWaii Minky Bamboo Blue Label diaps that I'm using with baby E.

She's an active toddler with the ability to hold her pee a super long time. I discontinued cloth with her just after 2 years old because she would hold her pee so that long that when she did go, it leaked out of the diaper no matter what I tried.

She's been in this burgundy cloth diaper for about 3.5 hours and no leaking so far. It fits her on the highest rise with a medium waist snap (the same as with our 5 month old daughter). It looks super cute on her, especially with the new ballerina inspired babylegs and tutu she's wearing. I wish I could post a picture but she's totally opposed to it.

Another positive vote for the KaWaii brand!

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