Friday, October 7, 2011

Out of the package Kawaii Review

I'm currently in the process of prepping the new Kawaii diaps that just came in the mail, not even an hour ago. I'm going to write this review on my first impressions of the diaps before washing or wearing.

First off, I ordered 12 Kawaii Minky Bamboo Blue Label (6 cream and 6 burgundy), 8 Kawaii Minky Bamboo Mom Label (4 tea and 4 pink), and 3 Snazzy Minky microfiber (3 patterns). The seller of the shop,, decided to include a 4th Snazzy Minky for free. Thank you so much for that!

The snazzy minky microfiber:
I basically bought these as covers for the eco posh fitteds since they're super cute and cheap. I don't plan on using the MF inserts, however, I'm prepping them anyway. The patterns on the cover are super cute and vibrant. They're really soft too. The white tag says "Kawaii Baby" and has a picture of a mom and baby.

The Minky Bamboo Mom Label:
The covers are just as soft as the snazzy minky. The tabs are square in front. The inner liner of bamboo is slightly cool to the touch, slightly off white, and very soft. The two bamboo inserts are very soft and off white also, with yellow edging. The tag is white and says "Kawaii Green Baby" with a stork symbol. There's a strip of fabric across the inside top to prevent wicking on babies that sleep on their tummies.

The Minky Bamboo Blue Label:
The covers are just as soft as the rest. The tabs are rounded. The cut of the diaper is the same as the Mom Label, except for the rounded tabs and no inner strip of fabric for tummy sleepers. The hole for stuffing is smaller than the Mom Label. The bamboo used on the inside cover and for the two inserts is really soft, but not quite as soft as the Mom Label. The edging on the inserts is white. The snaps also felt a little unstable as I was unsnapping them for the first time. I hope they hold up. If they don't, the manufacturer offers an exchange policy within a certain time limit. The white tag says "Kawaii Baby" and has a picture of small stork and big baby sack. This surprised me since the previous pictures I've seen and the name of the line state that the label is literally blue. They must be using new tags.

To prep all the diapers:
The manufacturer recommends using Tide with enzymes. I chose Tide Pure Essentials with baking soda. I'm doing a quick cold wash with very little detergent on the dark covers first. I don't want them to bleed into the white inserts and inners with the prepping. Once that's complete, I'll put them all in, all covers and inserts, to a warm wash (to make sure the colors don't bleed) and cold wash with detergent. Then I'll follow up with 3 more hot wash/cold rinse cycles. Bamboo needs 5-7 washes to reach full absorbency potential.

Overall impressions out of the package:
So far I love them! The bamboo diaps seem less bulky than the microfiber. The quality on all of them seems excellent, especially for the cheap price tag. The colors and patterns are adorable. The bamboo feels lush and comfortable. Overall, I think little E and I will both love using these diapers. I can't wait to use them on her and figure out what she likes best and what size fits her the best.

[Disclaimer: I was not given any free diapers to write this review. There was a free diaper included in the order that I purchased, but no free diapers were rendered for this review.]


  1. I LOVE my Kawaii's but I made the mistake of getting the aplix. I had got mine through Kelly's Closet.

  2. can't wait to hear how these work out for you! Because of your blog on these, I have decided to try cloth diapers too!! So, I am waiting to hear how these work so I know which ones to get lol. Thanks Katie!!!

  3. Yay! A cloth diaper convert :) These are a great price and resell value is pretty good too. I will post my review of the diaps soon. Danielle, can you get a snap conversion for your aplix diaps?