Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kawaii Bamboo Minky (Blue Label) Review

As you'll remember from the Out of the Pocket Kawaii Review, there are several differences between the Mom Label and the Blue label. The main one regarding the name is that the "Blue Label" is no longer a blue tag. It's not important to the function, just a note about the newer designs.

Let's review the Blue Label features:
Minky outer shell coated with TPU
Bamboo blend inner liner
Opening at the back to stuff inserts
Rounded tabs on the front with snaps
One size - adjustable rise in front
Two bamboo blend inserts with white edging

I found this diaper very good for the price, however, I wouldn't call it my favorite. Like the Mom Label, once the diaper is stuffed, it's still quite "floppy" (not stiff), which I personally like. It doesn't restrict my daughter's ability to move around. It's also a very trim diaper. While it's a little bulkier than a disposable, it is very trim for a cloth diaper and doesn't require me to use a larger size pant on her; big plus.

The opening for stuffing is slightly smaller than the Mom Label and doesn't have the little flap that goes over the inserts once stuffed. I personally didn't mind the smaller opening. They were still very easy to stuff (I am 5'8" and have pretty average size hands). I did try one wear on baby girl with the inserts laid in the shell, which lead to some leaking, so I would recommend this diaper to those who don't mind stuffing the inserts.

The snaps are a little different on the blue label vs the mom label. On the blue label, they're slightly staggered. Not that it makes a difference from a use perspective, just an observation. I'm still getting used to using snaps, so the leaking around the leg yesterday was more of a user error than a diaper malfunction. Once I figured out what setting fit her best, they worked very well. She has more settings still available to get bigger around the waist, one more setting than the mom label, actually. The other convenient feature for dirty diaps, which the mom label also has but I forgot to comment on, is that the cover has snaps on the tabs that make it easy to roll the diaper up on itself and snap closed. It makes the diaper small and compact, and keeps the dirties inside; a convenient feature for when you're out and about.

The blue label line doesn't have the line of fabric across the top inner front like the mom label. I did notice during the one leaking accident yesterday that I need to make sure to tuck all the edges in (around the leg and along the stomach) to make sure only minky outer is showing and not the inner bamboo. The extra strip of fabric on the mom label makes this extra step unnecessary.

The absorbency of the blue label is just as good as the mom label. Little E (a heavy wetter) can wear it with two inserts for a couple hours before needing a change. As with the other line, I need a couple months to gauge the durability, but having only spent $9 a piece on the blue label minky bamboos, it wouldn't be a terrible thing if they only lasted through one child, at least for our family anyway.

So my overall impression? Another two thumbs up for Kawaii, not quite as enthusiastic as for the mom label, but still very impressed for the inexpensive price tag. I would recommend this diaper to anyone who is looking for a cheap way to bump up their stash.

[Disclaimer: I was not given any free diapers to write this review.]

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  1. Thank you for posts like this.. you'd think I was buying a car with all the research that has gone into this decision.. and the diff. between the Mom Label and Blue Label a great consideration!