Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kawaii Bamboo Minky (Mom Label) Review

So far, I'm very impressed with these diapers. I had my 5 month old baby girl in the "green tea" Kawaii Bamboo Minky (mom label) this morning for 3.5 hours. I had laid the two bamboo inserts in the cover instead of stuffing it. It was definitely saturated, but there were no leaks around the leg, front, or back. There was still dry parts of the inserts at the top back so she probably could have gone longer without leaking. She didn't even have any compression leaks when she was in her car seat towards the end of that time.

As for the fit, it's great! I have the rise on the biggest setting cause E has big thighs. I put the tabs on a fairly middle setting, with at least a set or two of snaps left to get bigger. Even with two of the inserts, it's a very trim fit and the material is what I can only describe as "floppy", which makes for a comfortable fit between the legs for E when she wiggles.

For this wear, I had just laid the inserts in the shell, but the big pocket in the back makes it super easy to stuff. This diaper is good for both kinds of people: the ones who like to stuff them all right after drying and keeping them ready to go, as well as the people who like to just lay the inserts in it as the child needs a change.

The only question left is durability. How will these inexpensive diapers hold up against regular use and wash? Only time will tell.

Overall, an enthusiastic two thumbs up and a happy coo from the little one. Next up, the Kawaii Bamboo Minky (blue label).

[Disclaimer: I was not given any free diapers to write this review.]

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