Tuesday, November 13, 2012

3 month Sustainablebabyish Flat Review

My Sustainablebabyish flats are two diapers in my regular rotation. They are several layers of bamboo double loop terry. You can read my initial review here. After several months of use, they are just as absorbent as ever. However, they have lost some of their softness. They are not hard or crunchy yet, but I imagine they will be after a few more months of use.

I take good care of our diapers, so I was surprised that these stained so easily. I've had to sun them several times in the last few months.

Overall, I'm impressed with its continued absorbency. They would make great inserts for pocket diapers as well. I am definitely not impressed with the durability of the fabric. I loved how soft they were out of the package and would have loved to say they are still that soft. They are pretty expensive too but I imagine you're paying for the large brand name.

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