Tuesday, November 13, 2012

3 month Bumkins Prefold Review

Bumkins indian cotton prefolds are some of my favorite diapers. Read my initial review here. They are very reasonably priced. One pack of 6 diapers costs about $28. That's a full day of changes. They are absorbent and easy to care for. You can machine wash on hot and tumble dry on high heat. They dry up really quickly too. If there are stains, lemon juice and direct sun get them out.

I was hesitant to try prefolds but it really is easier than you think it is. I tend to use the basic angel fold with a snappi. I use all kinds of covers over them; fleece, PUL, soakers, and longies. While these aren't absorbent enough to last all night, they do get a good 3 hours on my heavy wetter. I have enjoyed using these prefolds over the last few months. They are still super soft and absorbent. While my daughter has outgrown her large size fitteds, she still fits comfortably in the toddler/premium sized Bumkins. Overall, I give these diapers 5 stars for durability and affordability.

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