Wednesday, October 31, 2012

6 month Glowbug Pocket Review

Glow Bug Pocket Diapers are one of my favorite pocket diapers. You can read my other reviews here and here. While the diaper comes with microfiber inserts, it works well with any inserts you want to use.

For several months, I used BumbleBunz overnight bamboo inserts as our nighttime solution. It was bulky but it worked to keep my heavy wetter dry all night. I then switched to using SBish bamboo fitteds for overnight but continued to use the GlowBug pockets as covers. The PUL is good quality and the largest rise setting still fits on my big girl who now is into XL size diapers.

The microsuede interior pilled slightly, but that is expected. The snaps and elastic held up beautifully. The prints on the outside haven't faded a bit. Overall, the quality is excellent. I highly recommend these diapers for people who love pockets, although I do also recommend switching to bamboo inserts.

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