Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Winter Cover Favorites

With colder temperatures coming around in the last few weeks, I've started putting my daughter in her fleece longies as covers. In general, I feel that fleece is under rated (read about it here) but I still love fleece covers anyway. It's so easy to put her in a fleece pair of pants and long sleeve shirt. I think the prints are super cute too.

Sometimes if we're going on a car trip, I'll put a PUL cover over her diaper and then her fleece pants over top but then ditch the PUL once we get home again. Some people only use fleece for one or two changes but I tend to let her wear them for the whole day. Occasionally if her diaper is soaking wet, I will need to change the longies as well.

I have been using the fleece soakers for nighttime as well. They work great for boosting the absorbency of a 'sposie diaper when travelling. They keep her dry all night with an absorbent fitted as well, especially if her pjs are fleece too.

I have seen some CUTE wool longies around as well. I wish wool didn't give my daughter eczema!

What is your favorite winter cover?

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