Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sustainablebabyish Bamboo Flat Review

Sustainablebabyish (aka SBish) makes a bamboo loop terry flat. With the high quality of the fitteds that I've tried, I had to splurge for a couple of these flats.

-Available in 4 sizes; x-small, small, medium, and large
-Serged edge all the way around, variety of colors for thread
-Stitch lines at 1/3rds for easy folding
-3 layers of thirsty bamboo baby loop terry

I was reluctant to spend the expensive price tag of these flats, but I invested in two of them. When they got to my house, I was excited to see that they were just as soft as I was hoping. I prepped them with a couple washes and put them on my baby girl as fast as I could.

The size large is perfect for her. I don't have to fold down the rise. The back comes around to a great placement on her hips. With the fabric being so stretchy, it gives a great fit with room to move.. They are also really super absorbent. I can leave it on her for up to 4 hours before changing and even then, it's not totally soaked. The Snappi (review here) grips the fabric really well and doesn't leave holes after washing. They are easy to wash, don't stain easily, and dry fairly quickly. After quite a few washes, they've remained just as soft as straight out of the package.

This prefold works great under fleece covers. I do use it under PUL covers or pockets as covers, but I have to tuck the back thigh under the cover. It's not a big issue, just another little step before finishing the change. Overall, these are a couple of my favorite prefolds and I reach for them often.

The only downside to this diaper is the price tag. It's quite expensive for a prefold. However, they do retain their value. You may pay up to $13 each for one new, but you can sell it for $8-$10 when you're done with it. Plus, Sloomb plants one tree for every diaper you buy. You gotta love that!

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  1. Do you think that I could use these for a heavy wetter at nighttime? Like take one and trifold it and then snappi the other over top?