Monday, October 15, 2012

6 month Sustainablebabyish Fitted Review

I own several Sustainablebabyish (SBish) snap fitteds. They are some of our favorite diapers. You can read my initial review here for the features and beginning impressions. This review is after 6 months of use.

These SBish bamboo fleece fitted diapers are our overnight diaper of choice. My heavy wetting daughter wets out of disposables at night. With both boosters in the SBish fitted and covered with PUL, she soaks the diaper but stays dry where she's supposed to; her clothes and sheets. Even without the extra booster, these diapers are bulky, which is why I reserve them exclusively for night time.

We have a set of 5 in large. When she outgrew the fold down rise diapers, this large was generous and she used the cross over snap on the wings. Now that she is in XLs for most brands and even outgrown the premium size Bummis prefolds, she still has one snap to go on these larges.

Over time, I have found that the OBF (organic bamboo fleece) has gotten a bit stiff. I am going to try soaking in Ecover to see if that helps soften them up. I wouldn't consider the stiffness to be such an issue that I would stop using them, but it's something to consider when pursuing an overnight solution.

Overall, I still give SBish fitteds a big thumbs up for durability, absorbency, and quality.


  1. Great review. I am looking for a good overnight CD. It is hard to find for my little belly-sleeping heavy wetter! Lots of people have recommended sustainablebabyish | sloomb to me. It is next on my list to get! Thanks!

  2. We use the sbish fitted diapers, and I agree- they are the absolute best for heavy-wetting babies, like my daughter. Anything that saves me from having to wash the sheets gets the thumbs up from me. These are also cute and look very comfy too=)