Wednesday, January 4, 2012

3+ month review: Bitti D'Lish

As we approach the half year mark of cloth diapering our third little one, we're also coming up on the 3+ month mark of most of my favorite diapers. At this point, I do have additional comments on how these brands have held up to regular wear and wash.

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After several months of regular use, these are holding up very well. The cover is as soft as ever. The stay dry inner is a nice break for my daughter who usually feels wet in her other fitteds. I haven't found myself getting annoyed with snapping in the soakers like I thought I would. There is no pilling of the material. The snaps and elastic are all in perfect shape. Obviously, these are pretty good quality.

While they are still a main staple of my stash, I'm sad to say that my daughter might grow out of them soon. The four I purchased are size large. I was hoping she'd get more use out of them. She's 8 months old now and I don't imagine she will be able to wear them much past a year. However, if she thins out when she starts walking, we might just get some more use out of them.

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