Wednesday, January 4, 2012

3+ month review: Nana's Bottoms

As we approach the half year mark of cloth diapering our third little one, we're also coming up on the 3+ month mark of most of my favorite diapers. At this point, I do have additional comments on how these brands have held up to regular wear and wash.

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WAHM Wares by Nana's Bottoms

At first, I was not impressed with these AIO diapers. They leaked around the leg or wicked through the H&L stitching. However, I have completely changed my attitude towards these diapers. After lots of washing and drying, the zorb interior has become so absorbent that we no longer have any leaks or wicking. The H&L is super easy to use so it's a favorite with other changers, like my husband and the sitter. My only wear and tear complaint is that the H&L is tending to curl at the edges, but this is purely cosmetic.

I reach for these diapers often. They are usually the first to be worn after a washing day. They are trim, absorbent, and easy to use. How can you not love them? They're size mediums and are definitely looking smaller on my daughter, but we still have room for her to grow in them. I will be watching the Nana's Bottoms store for deals so I can snag some larges. This brand is one of the only two brands of AIOs that I have found that actually work. I highly recommend!!

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