Wednesday, January 4, 2012

3+ month review: Bumblebunz

As we approach the half year mark of cloth diapering our third little one, we're also coming up on the 3+ month mark of most of my favorite diapers. At this point, I do have additional comments on how these brands have held up to regular wear and wash.

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WAHM Wares by Bumblebunz; Bamboo fitteds

WAHM Wares by Bumblebunz; Nighttime inserts 

What can I say? I love our Bumblebunz (Bumblebunzes? Bumblebunzi? What is the plural of Bumblebunz anyway?). I love love love the bamboo fitteds and I haven't found a night time system that works better than the bamboo baby loops system she made for us. The exterior of the fitteds are pilling, as all cotton and bamboo interlocks do. The bamboo velour inners are quite as silky as when they were brand new, but they're still very soft and luxurious. My little one always chooses to do her business in the Bumblebunz and I would too if I had that nice cushy fabric next to my tush!

I do believe they have shrunk slightly in the washing and drying, but that makes them all the more absorbent as well. My little chunker, who fits on the highest rise on all one size diapers, still has plenty of room to grow in these fitteds. I love the patterns and matching snap colors so I'm happy we get to use them for quite a while still.

I can't say enough good things about this night time insert system. I pair it with some type of fitted shell (it doesn't matter which) and cover it with some kind of PUL cover. She stays dry all night long and the fabric doesn't get stiff like some types of bamboo tend to do. Bumblebunz owner, Katie, doesn't stock these inserts in her shops but if you request them, she will probably set up a custom order for you. Tell her I sent you!

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