Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Snappi Review

3 Sweet Peas prefold
Snappi closures are little plastic, Y shaped contraptions that provide closure for diapers that don't have snaps or hook & loop.

-Two sizes, newborn and baby
-Rubber, Y shape
-Teeth on each of 3 arms to grip fabric
-Hooks at each end for pulling
-Usually sold in sets of 2 or 3

Megaroos ETPF
These little thingies are a little intimidating at first. I couldn't imagine putting those little teeth so close to my baby's sensitive area, but so many moms rave about them so I had to try. The manufacturer recommends pulling all of the ends several times to make them more elastic, which I did.

I then put them on a prefold. Disaster! I don't think I pull it tight enough. One of the arms came undone and then another. Ugh. Try number two. Success! I pulled tightly enough on all 3 sides. The diaper stayed closed and tight. After many changes, I've finally gotten the hang of them.

Bumkins Prefold
Overall, I think they're great. They are fairly cheap and you don't need that many of them. They're easy to clean, just a rinse and dry. I even give one to my daughter to play with and keep her occupied while I change her. The only downside that I see if if your baby is a boy. I imagine it would put a lot of pressure on his little area with the bottom arm being pull down so far and tight. Overall though, two thumbs up.

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