Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Used Goodmama Review

Goodmama diapers were started in 2005 with a WAHM and quickly turned into a large cloth diaper boutique. They offer a few different styles of diapers in plain or adorable prints. The few Goodmama (GM) fitted diapers that I have were bought second hand. Several are in great condition with no visible stains or tears. Some others are obviously very loved.

Let's review the GM fitted features:
-OBV and cotton fitted with snap closure
-Elastic at the legs and top back to contain messes
-Two snap in inserts that separate from each other for quick drying
-Fold down rise for smaller babies

Obviously these diapers hold up to the test of time. The elastic is still great. The body is pretty absorbent. The fit is pretty trim. It's a little narrower in between the legs than Piddle Poddles, which is a comparable brand. I paired the good condition GM with a PUL cover. It lasted a few hours without leaks but the entire fitted was soaked from front to back, top to bottom. I've found that to be the case every time my daughter wears one. She can completely soak a GM in 1.5 hours.

Obviously they hold up well and fit a variety of body styles. The patterns are adorable and they're easy to clean. However, I do believe the price is a little high for what they are. There are lots of other OCV, OBV, or organic cotton knit fitteds that work just as well and last just as long that cost less money. Without regards to the price, I give this diaper one thumb up. With price involved, I give it a "meh" and shoulder shrug.

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