Tuesday, August 14, 2012

3 Sweet Peas Prefold and Flat Review

[Keep in mind that I am the writer of this blog but I also own and operate 3 Sweet Peas. This is a biased review of my own products.]

3 Sweet Peas has a few types of diapers. Prefolds and flats are recent products that are available to the public. I always keep a few of my own diapers as testers and because I love them.

Features of the prefolds and flats:
-Serged edge or T&T
-Cotton interlock, cotton sherpa, or bamboo material
-No closure system
-Rectangular shape
-Extra layer of bamboo in wet zone for prefolds
-Stitch lines at 1/3rd for easy folding
-Cute prints and hand dyed designs

I kept 5 prefolds for my own stash. Right off the machine, they are soft. I did wash them a couple times but didn't do a full prep. I am aware that the bamboo gets more absorbent with more washes, but I was okay with the slightly lower absorbency for the first few wears.

Several of the flat diapers I kept were print cotton interlock outer and cotton sherpa inner with T&T edge. That makes for 3 layers of cotton and 3 layers of sherpa in the wet zone. The absorbency is good. I wouldn't call the absorbency excellent, but it lasts a good 3 hours for each wear. The interlock is soft and the sherpa is even softer. The interlock outer grips the Snappi very well but doesn't maintain the Snappi holes after washing. It washes well without staining and dries very quickly. I love the prints that I kept too.

I have two swirl dyed prefolds that I kept. One (red/orange) has a regular bamboo fleece outer with cotton sherpa inner. The other (reversible swirls) has two layers of heavy bamboo fleece. The red and orange swirly grips the Snappi very well because the outer fleece is very soft and flexible. The reversible swirls doesn't grip the Snappi quite as well because of the heaviness of the fleece. What that diaper lacks in softness, it makes up for in absorbency. Two layers of heavy bamboo fleece is equivalent to 4 layers of regular bamboo fleece. It's a true workhorse diaper. I love that I can use either side too, depending on what dye combination I want facing out.

My only criticism of these diapers is the T&T edge. It creates a slight bulkiness around the edges. My daughter doesn't seem to mind, so it's more of an observation. I am looking forward to keeping some of the serged edge diapers. They may be more expensive than the basic prefold diapers, like Bummis or Bumkins, but they are made by a work-at-home-mom (WAHM) who puts care into every diaper. Support small business!

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