Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Megaroos Designs ETPF Review

Megaroos Designs makes fitted diapers and extended tab prefolds (ETPFs). I wasn't able to purchase some new, but I got my hands on some used ETPFs from DiaperSwappers.

-Available in 3 sizes; newborn, mid-range, and premium
-Prefolds with cotton and bamboo
-Extended wings for longer waist measurement
-Cute cotton prints on the exterior
-Serged edges
-No closure or snap closure

I was so sure that I would love them that I bought 5 larges (premium size). I prepped them as I would for any used diaper, by boiling them and then washing several times with Dawn. They came to me slightly stained and I was not able to boil that out. After washing, I lovingly folded them and added them to my stash.
torbency is very good. It washes and dries quickly. It is mostly stain free if you wash frequently, but any delay in washing (more than 24 hours) results in shadow staining that is hard to remove. I used these under fleece covers and PUL covers. They worked well under both.

Overall, I was not super impressed. Even thought the prints are super cute, I fell out of love with them pretty quickly and ended up reselling them after only a few weeks. I will say that the quality of the stitching held up well being that I was the second user. They also hold their value as enough cloth diapering parents know of Megaroos to have a demand for used diapers. I didn't like the grip-ability of the Snappi closure but in all fairness, the exterior fabric might be softer brand new. They are an okay option for mid-range priced, cute prefolds.

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