Monday, May 14, 2012

WAHM wares: The Fluffy Elephant

My youngest daughter recently turned one year old. We chose to do her birthday party theme as cupcakes. Along with a cute, frilly, cupcake theme dress, I wanted a matching cloth diaper cover. A friend of mine owns and operates a WAHM cloth diaper business called the Fluffy Elephant. She had her first stocking recently on Hyena Cart that you can check out here.

Elizabeth, the owner, worked with me for a truly custom cover. She made a special trip to the store to get the color and print that I would like. She embroidered the cover with an awesome little cupcake and my daughter's name. At my request, she made extra slack in the leg elastic. And on top of it all, she did a rush order so that it would arrive in time for the party.

Let's review the features:
-Cover with PUL inner and minky outer
-Snap closure with 2 rows of snaps and 4 snaps on each wing
-Legs and back elastic encase
-Custom embroidered image and name

I was so excited to get this diaper and it lived up to my expectations. The color choices go very well together. The diaper fit perfectly for my daughter and I love that Elizabeth was willing to work with me on that. While I personally think that 4 snaps on each wing is a bit excessive, it does reduce the chance for wing drooping. I haven't noticed any wicking to the minky exterior, but I also don't let my daughter's diaper get 100% soaked. I really like the PUL lining as it makes the cover a good option for when we go out. Fleece often wicks under compression like in a car seat. While the PUL is not as breathable as fleece or wool, it is an excellent barrier if you're looking for something truly waterproof.

The Fluffy Elephant offers custom embroidered pocket diapers and covers. I recommend this WAHM business if you're looking for something unique and personal. This mama is really easy to work with and open to setting up something you will really love.

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