Monday, May 14, 2012

Bummis Cotton Prefolds

I attended the Great Cloth Diaper Change (GCDC) event in Boonsboro, Maryland. It was hosted by Enkore Kids, a local consignment store that sells new cloth diapers as well. My husband and daughter participated in the diaper change to break the world record. I attended as a vendor with a booth for 3 Sweet Peas.

Right before the change, Enkore drew prizes. My husband was one of the lucky winners! Thank you, Enkore! He won a Bummis starter set with a small PUL wrap and 3 organic cotton prefolds. My daughter is too big for the wrap, so I gifted it to a pregnant friend. While I couldn't use the prefolds as prefolds, again because my daughter is too big already, I did use them as boosters for my diapers.

First, let's review the features:
-Rectangular prefold diaper with thicker center area
-Closure-less, for use with snappi or cloth diaper pin
-Organic cotton twill with two serged edges

These Bummis prefolds are my first prefolds. At first, I was skeptical about their usefulness. Now, I'm a true believer. I can see why cloth diaper enthusiasts use them on newborns. The fit as a prefold must be truly awesome. As a booster, they work great! The cotton does shrink and cause hills, for lack of a better term, but as you wash them, they get even softer and softer. The natural, unbleached color seems so earthy.

This brand also keep their value. A new pack of 6 is about $28 (or $18 for infant size). It's a great option for people who can reuse their covers and want to build a large stash with not a lot of money. Maybe one of these days, I'll get the toddler size and some snappis to try a REAL prefold on my daughter. If I do, I'll go with Bummis.

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