Monday, May 14, 2012

WAHM Wares: BumbleBunz Toddler Fitteds

I have written a few posts about the work at home mom business, BumbleBunz. I'm a big fan and was sorely disappointed with my daughter outgrew the fold over rise, one size fitteds. The mama behind this shop was nice enough to make two toddler size fitteds for my daughter. You have no idea how excited I was to get this package.

Let's review the features first:
-Large size fitteds for toddlers or larger babies who have outgrown the one size fold down rise
-Snap closure with cross over wing tabs and hidden belly snaps
-Cotton interlock outer, hidden bamboo terry, and bamboo terry inner
-Encased leg and back elastic
-Snap in bamboo soakers

I opened the package to find two lovely fitteds. One had a grey, ribbed, knit outer with little flowers on it. The other was a sunny, happy rainbow print. This mama took the time to serge each diaper in matching thread colors. The grey had varied shades of blue. The rainbow had a rainbow thread edge. She chooses the softest fabrics for her diapers. When I took them out of the package, I just wanted to pet them all day long!

After prepping a bit, I put one on my daughter. Normally, these diapers come with snap in soakers, but I was using a Bummis organic cotton prefold as the soaker. I was pleasantly surprised to use the cross over wings on my daughter, who is usually busting out of the fold over rise diapers.

Absorbency in these diapers is excellent. Of course, they are fitteds so they require a cover. I personally like to use fleece. This combo can last my daughter up to 4-5 hours if she doesn't soil it. Even then, the whole thing is not soaking yet. I'm sure with the right soakers, this diaper would last overnight for my heavy wetter.

BumbleBunz is currently on a break from orders. When business resumes as normal, I highly suggest trying to get some diapers from her.

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