Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thirsties Hook and Loop Cover Review

With my obsession over fitted diapers ever growing, I had a need for a quick wrap to cover the little one's fluffy bum. Luckily, I got my virtual hands on some Thirsties covers online for a really good price. Since it's a one layer PUL cover, there's no need for prepping or an out of the package review.

Let's review the features:
-sized PUL cover
-hook and loop (H&L) closure
-fold over elastic trim
-double layer of PUL at the H&L locations
-double gussets at the legs

I chose to get a size large even though the weight limit is higher than my daughter's current weight. I know that fitted diapers can get quite bulky and I wanted to be able to use them for a long time or on overnight diapers. It was the right decision. They look slightly large on her now and there's a little gap at the legs, but the fitted diaper is supposed to contain the mess anyway. In my mind, PUL covers are just to create a waterproof barrier between the diaper and clothes. These fit the bill.

I got some cute colors too. The solids are vibrant. The one print I got is adorable. I find that to be a big plus for these diapers since I'm a sucker for a cute pattern.

I've only used them a few times so I don't have a comment on the durability. I am hoping the color stays just as vibrant, the elastic lasts a long time, and the H&L closure doesn't loose it's effectiveness. Only time will tell, but for now, I am loving this quick and easy waterproof wrap for my fitteds.

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