Friday, March 23, 2012

Guest Blog Entry: Heather Nelson reviewing 3SP

3 Sweet Peas Diapers

I couldn’t wait to buy some of 3SP diapers. Once I bought them, I couldn’t wait to wash them. She was really fast in getting them to me. She did custom make some fleece covers and longies. Let’s start with the fitted diapers. I love these diapers. I never thought about doing fitted diapers but I thought, what the heck, I will try it. I love it!

So with that said, this is the first diaper. This diaper holds so much that sometimes I go to change my son and I don’t need to even change him yet. It holds so much pee! It has two layer doubler which holds a lot.

I have washed this one but I haven’t used it yet. I just got this one in the mail. It’s a size large but I have a medium size one just like this and I love it. You can use the diaper without the double in it but I like it. I don’t think it’s too thick or anything. It fits trim on my little man. Here’s the inside of the diaper.

Pros: It holds a lot. It’s cute and soft.
Cons: I wish it came in one size.

I call these fleece shorts. They are the covers for the fitted diapers she makes. I love them! They are so soft. I love that you can wash in the machine when they need it. Also, you can wash them with your clothing if you wanted to. I love that she has a booster sewn in so they won’t leak. They are really cute. I also have a puppy one.

I love the longie cover. The only thing is that I wish it had the extra pad she sews in the short ones. I love everything I’ve gotten from her and I will make sure I tell everyone to buy from her. I think everything is great and she works hard what she does. They hold a lot of pee. Thanks so much for everything. She also sells crib rail covers, wool diaper covers, and hip carriers too.

Written by Heather Nelson

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