Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My overnight solution for a heavy wetter

My 9 month old daughter can soak through a Huggies overnight diaper without breaking a sweat. She's a heavy wetter for sure. For several months now, we've been using an excellent cloth combination at night with great success. We had 3 sets of overnight inserts custom made from BumbleBunz, a Canadian based WAHM business. These over-sized inserts have multiple layers of bamboo double loop terry and a separate booster.

After experimenting with fitted diapers, covers, and pockets to find the right barrier for these inserts, we settled on Glow Bug cloth diaper pockets. The wide openings at both ends make it easier to stuff these huge inserts. The pocket is wide at both ends too which is great for the hour-glass shaped inserts. The double leg gussets keep in the mess even though the diaper is bulky and tends to gap at the legs. The two rows of snaps make for a custom fit. I'm able to make the waist setting smaller than the legs and vice versa.

While I had one new Glow Bug pocket, I was able to contact Glow Bug diapers to buy some extra pockets second hand. With a diaper stash that gets washed every other day, having 3 sets is perfect in case a pre-bedtime change is needed. This combination has been great for us for overnight. I highly recommend checking into both cloth diaper businesses as I love them both.

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