Tuesday, February 21, 2012

3 Sweet Peas Giveaways - Week 5

The Etsy shop grand opening is upon us! This is the last week of giveaways in a month of weekly giveaways for the children's boutique 3 Sweet Peas. On February 29th, the first batch of items will be listed in stock. This giveaway is only open until 12:01am on the 28th (so through the day Monday) so the winner has time to choose their print before the opening stock goes live on the 29th.

This week, the giveaway is a baby carrier called the Pea Pod Hip Carrier. The carrier was designed and named by Sascha Romeo and adapted by 3 Sweet Peas. This canvas, hip-position, baby carrier is supportive and durable.

With a layer of fleece in the middle, this heavy weight carrier can support children up to 35 pounds. Once your baby can hold his or her head up without help, you can use this carrier. The straps are shorter on one side so the knots are position on the wearer's front.

It is reversible for use on either hip. It ties quickly and distributes the weight evenly. While the "ready to ship" carriers fit most body styles, straps can be made shorter or longer depending on the wearer's body type.

Custom carriers are available at the 3 Sweet Peas shop for $40 to $50. Carriers can be made with matching prints on both sides, different prints on each side, or even scraps of various prints. Most carriers have natural colored, solid canvas for the straps which are added after purchase, according to the buyer's hip preference.

Here are some examples of the carrier bodies available:

Blue and cream stripes
Vintage blue
Floral lavender
Brown stripes
Blue flowers
Scrappy - blue flowers and brown stripes

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Ultimate "Daddy Stash" Diaper

I've learned through trial and error that my favorite diapering system is fitted diapers with covers. However, this system can be a little complicated for people who don't diaper day in and day out. Covers that snap means you have to somehow get two pieces that snap attached on a wiggly, roll-y baby. To make diaper changes more simple, I searched for the perfect "daddy stash" diaper. It needed to be simple to use but still effective.

I tried various types of AIO (all-in-one) diapers with minimal success. The idea of an AIO is that the cover and absorbent material are one piece, but by nature, AIOs tend to leak and take a long time to dry while cleaning. I came across a store on Hyena Cart called Nana's Bottoms. This WAHM business offers different types of diapering systems. I chose the AIOs with PUL outer and bamboo inner. I paid a little extra for the bamboo but it was totally worth it. I also chose touch tape, a kind of hook & loop (H&L) closure.

At first, I found that the diaper wicked through the stitching for the H&L. I was disappointed but kept them anyway since the wicking wasn't enough to wet her clothes. I'm glad I stuck it out! After several months of light usage, the diapers finally were prepped to their full absorbency potential. Now my heavy wetting daughter can wear one of them for 3-4 hours without any leaking at all. Yes, they do take a long time to dry while cleaning, sometimes up to 2 hours in the dryer, but it's worth it for the convenience of a diaper that is so easy to use. They're my husband's favorite out of our stash. They're my choice when we're going in the car and I reach for one when I need a clean diaper in my diaper bag.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My overnight solution for a heavy wetter

My 9 month old daughter can soak through a Huggies overnight diaper without breaking a sweat. She's a heavy wetter for sure. For several months now, we've been using an excellent cloth combination at night with great success. We had 3 sets of overnight inserts custom made from BumbleBunz, a Canadian based WAHM business. These over-sized inserts have multiple layers of bamboo double loop terry and a separate booster.

After experimenting with fitted diapers, covers, and pockets to find the right barrier for these inserts, we settled on Glow Bug cloth diaper pockets. The wide openings at both ends make it easier to stuff these huge inserts. The pocket is wide at both ends too which is great for the hour-glass shaped inserts. The double leg gussets keep in the mess even though the diaper is bulky and tends to gap at the legs. The two rows of snaps make for a custom fit. I'm able to make the waist setting smaller than the legs and vice versa.

While I had one new Glow Bug pocket, I was able to contact Glow Bug diapers to buy some extra pockets second hand. With a diaper stash that gets washed every other day, having 3 sets is perfect in case a pre-bedtime change is needed. This combination has been great for us for overnight. I highly recommend checking into both cloth diaper businesses as I love them both.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

3 Sweet Peas Giveaways - Week 4

3 Sweet Peas is a children's boutique that offers cloth diapers, varieties of diaper covers, baby carriers, bags, car seat blankets, hats, shoes, slippers, bibs, and crib rail teething covers. Designing for Peanuts offers simple and sweet party invitations, cards, and coordinating party theme decorations for the little peanuts in your life.  Visit DFP's Etsy store for cute invitations and party supplies, designed especially for your little sweet pea.

In anticipation of the 3 Sweet Peas grand opening stock on Etsy on February 29th, the children's boutique is offering a month of weekly giveaways. This week, 3SP has joined up with Designing for Peanuts to offer a pirate themed birthday party package. This package is designed around a wonderful pirate print that is blue, but cute for either a boy or girl. It includes a pair of 12-18 month slipper boots, a PUL lined catch-all bib, and a bandana hat. It also includes a personalized party invitation design by Designing for Peanuts.

The slipper boots are fleece lined, slouchy slippers with the pirate print flannel on the exterior. The sole is rubber grip for less sliding on hard floors. These boots are size 12-18 months, the perfect size for your little sweet pea that is turning 1 year old soon.

The bib is a fold and snap bib that has the pirate print flannel on the front and PUL, a plastic lined material, on the back. The bottom folds up and snaps to create a pouch that catches dropped food. The neckline has 3 settings with the snap closure.

The bandana hat is made of the same pirate print flannel. It's fashioned to look like a bandana tied around the baby's head but is sewn closed so you only need to slip it on. Your little one will look t-ARRR-iffic in this costume-like bandana hat.

Designing for Peanuts adds a party invitation design to the package. The retail value of the invitation design is $15. You can choose the text and colors to match your party theme. Designing for Peanuts does the design and you print. Your little pirate, boy or girl, will have a stylish party invitation design that you can print from home, at a store, or simply email to your family and friends. 

The winner of this party package also receives a discount code to Designing for Peanuts to order coordinating pirate party supplies for
 a girl or boy for 50% retail value.

This awesome birthday party package retails at $50. 
It can be yours by entering in the Rafflecopter widget below. 

Good luck, mateys!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

3 Sweet Peas Giveaways - Week 3

In anticipation of the 3 Sweet Peas grand opening on Etsy on February 29th, the children's boutique is hosting a month of giveaways during February. This week, the giveaway prize is a fitted diaper and PUL wrap set. 

This size medium/large PUL wrap is in the Aloha print with hook and loop closure. Laundry tabs on the wing interior keep the hook from catching on other material in the wash. 

This "tuckable" cover, designed by Little Green Bear, is versatile. It can cover prefolds. You can fold a flat or prefold, tuck it into the front and back pouch, and put it on baby. It's also a great, full coverage wrap for your favorite fitted diaper. It adds very little bulk to your baby's bum while being completely waterproof. This size wrap will fit a wide range of babies. The thighs measure from 6 to 14 inches and the waist is 10 to 22 inches. This wrap retails in the 3 Sweet Peas shop for $12-$15, depending on size and print. Optional rise snaps are available.

The second item to this set is a fitted diaper. The adorable "lovey dovey" print outer is cotton interlock. There is a hidden layer of cotton flannel, as well as a hidden soaker of bamboo/cotton zorb. The interior is bamboo double loop terry, a soft and absorbent material next to your baby's bottom. 

The snap-in, contour soaker has two pieces connected at the back that snap to the shell. Each piece has a top layer of bamboo double loop terry, inner hidden layer of bamboo/cotton zorb, and a bottom layer of the lovey dovey cotton interlock print. The matching print on the soakers helps to match it to the shell after washing. This diaper has 3 layers of bamboo terry, 3 layers of zorb, 3 layers of cotton interlock, and 1 layer of cotton flannel for 10 total layers of absorbency. Cotton interlock is durable, cute, and flexible. It provides for a great, adjustable fit. The hidden zorb is very absorbent without too much bulk. The bamboo double loop terry is soft and absorbent.

Constructed using the Fattycakes diaper pattern, this size medium fitted diaper also has a wide range of sizes. The thighs measure from 6 to 12 inches and the waist is 12 to 20 inches. It nestles nicely into the PUL wrap. This fitted diaper retails in the 3 Sweet Peas shop for $16-$20, depending on size and print.

This prize pack, valued at $30, can be yours to win on February 15th. 

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Good luck! And thank you for being a fan! (Did anyone else start humming "Thank you for being a friend"?)

The fine print:
This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents only. Please don't cheat on the entrys, all winning entries will be verified for accuracy. The prize can be shipped to any person in the US or Canada, which means that if you win the giveaway, you can send the prize to a friend or family member as long as they live in the US or Canada. The winner must respond to the email or facebook private message within 48 hours or the prize will be forfeit.