Tuesday, June 5, 2012

WAHM Wares: AdriannaKnits AI2 review

AdriannaKnits is a small home based business. Adrianna is the mama behind the name. She knits and crochets hats, booties, sandals, and other items. She's recently branched out into the cloth diaper arena. Her style of choice is an all-in-two (AI2). Typically, this type of diaper has a shell cover and absorbent inserts that are directly against baby's skin. There's no pocket to stuff or unstuff in an AI2.

Let's review the features:
-all-in-two diaper
-one row of snap closure with cross over wings (cross over snap on both sides)
-one size diaper with rise snaps (3 snaps on each setting)
-cotton woven exterior
-hidden PUL
-microfleece inner
-two snap in soakers, snake style
-inserts made from cotton flannel, bamboo terry, and bamboo stretch fleece

The diaper she sent me is an adorable ladybug print from the Eric Carle collection of The Angry Ladybug. The front is the ladybug dots. The back is the ladybug and leaf print that wraps around on the tabs. She color coordinated the snaps and the red fleece interior, which I love. It's super cute and I'm glad I get to use it during summer when I can just throw a t-shirt on my daughter and show off the cute print.

This diaper has 3 snaps at each rise setting instead of the usual two. While my daughter is currently on the largest setting, I imagine that 3 snaps would help keep it snapped while it's on a smaller baby. The wings on this one size diaper are quite long. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to use the cross over wings on my daughter. I tend to close diapers fairly snuggly around my daughter's waist which made these squared-off wings tend to pop out at the corners. I believe Adrianna is in the process of tweaking the wing shape to address this issue.

Overall, I really like the fit. I don't usually like one size diapers that only have one row of closure snaps or a fold over rise, as my daughter has larger than average thigh measurements and normally average waist measurement. If it's snug at the waist, it's too tight at the thighs. If it's loose enough at the thighs, it's too loose around the waist. However, this diaper is a perfect fit. The rise snaps are perfect for the right fit on any baby.  It is fairly trim for being a cloth diaper and fits well under clothes. At first, I thought that having the cross over snap on both wings was unnecessary, but I actually love it. You can choose which side to close first whether you are right or left handed. My only suggestion on the fit is to add a second cross over snap on one wing so that smaller babies can get a snug waist fit.

The first time she wore it, she had a messy dirty diaper immediately. I don't know how babies know it's a new diaper, but they do and they poop in it right away. It contained the mess perfectly. As I used it more, I was slightly disappointed with the absorbency. My daughter is a heavy wetter so it's hard to get enough absorbency without using bamboo. She wet it so much that it wicked to the exterior cotton print and got her clothes wet. To address the issue, I added a bamboo booster (from another diaper). That was enough to get the absorbency that she needs. Adrianna is now offering an additional booster with this diaper. I think it will make the diaper slightly bulkier, but I personally don't mind the bulk, especially when I am leaving the print uncovered.

AdriannaKnits is graciously offering a $20 gift certificate to the winner of the Summer Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop for The B's Booties. Check out her Etsy shop and Facebook page in the meantime to see her work portfolio.

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